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ABOUT Mr. Pedometer

The goal the Mr. Pedometer has set for himself and his friends is to reach 100 million people with the Get Active message.  W. Ron Sutton has been called Mr. Pedometer for years after being the only American to receive a pedometer accuracy patent. 

​In an aside, Ron says it is rumored that Thomas Jefferson had received a patent on a pedometer, but Jefferson avoided a conflict of interest in being the first patent commissioner and filing for a patent. In addition, there were pedometers centuries before Jefferson may have improved upon one.  He may have seen his first pedometer in France in the late 1790's.

​As Mr. Pedometer, Ron advocates the use of pedometers to give the wearer information on how active or inavtive they are and to motivate them to be more active

Studies have proven the effectiveness of pedometers in increasing the average activity level of users. 

Anything that motivates a person to be more active for the rest of their life is good. About 85% of us, though, need to have extra, external, even professional intervention to change our behavior. The role of the pedometer is to help with the motivation to change behavior towards a more active lifestyle.

​For Mr. Pedometer to help you with your activity wellness program, email him at Ron@MrPedometer.org


Mr. Pedometer and friends are dedicated to inspiring and motivating you to Move More, for a longer, healthier life.